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Tiger Eye Leather Tassel Boot Chain $28

Turquoise Cross Boot Charm Bracelet $35

Draped Chain Feather Boot Charm $28

Turquoise Tassel Gemstone Necklace $47

Black Turquoise Tassel Boot Bracelet $28

Long White Marbled Gemstone Necklace $28

Turquoise Leather Tassel Boot Chain $28

Thunderbird Cross Long Charm Necklace $25

Western Pearl Cluster Boot Bracelet $22

Silver Stars Turquoise Boot Chain $28

Long Layered Turquoise Feather Necklace $32

Grey Labrodite Boot Charm Bracelet $28

White Turquoise Tassel Boot Bracelet $28

Turquoise Blue Gemstone Pendant $28

Gemstone Feather Boot Bracelet $28

Sleeping Fox Charm Boot Bracelet $28

Sleeping Fox Tiger Eye Boot Chain $28

Pave Silver / Gold Charm Boot Chain $32 / $37

Pink Tassel Boot Bracelet $28

Draped Turquoise Cross Boot Chain $35

Turquoise Triangle Tassel Necklace $25

Turquoise Sleeping Fox Boot Chain $28

Long Pink Crystal Tassel Necklace $32

Tassel Fringe Boot Chain Bracelet $22

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